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by Arik Snow on August 7, 2011

Anyone living in a town for most of their lives would find relocation to a new city very difficult, especially if it is a metropolitan city. But it is a dream for every ambitious and hardworking person to do so. The first thing to do is to find a home. It is the most difficult part of relocation as it has several lengthy and complex processes, and a lot of money is involved.

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Buying a house is a complex experience. To start off, evaluate your finances. Look at how much you have, how much you can spend, and what your expenses will be. Take a good look at your situation first and then decide whether you are mentally and financially ready. Buying a house is a very big commitment and the toughest task in the relocation process. If you are not financially ready for buying then you might be favorable towards renting. Sure renting might have its benefits like convenience, flexibility and a lower cost but when you look at it from another angle, all you are doing is giving away your money. In the end you will have nothing, buying a home gives you a chance to build your wealth. If you don’t have enough money then you might want to take a loan.

Once you are sure you want to buy a house, you have passed one of the most difficult phases of relocation. You should now start looking for financing. You will find many different options for loan with different interest rates so choose wisely. Getting a loan isn’t that easy, you have to qualify for the loan. The bank agent will analyze the risk involved in lending you the money by evaluating your debt-to-income ratio and credit score. You have to prove them that you can pay back the money you’re borrowing. To improve your chances of having the loan accepted, look for ways to increase your credit score.

Now that you know how much money you have, you should start hunting. This is the only fun part in the relocation process. Go to real estate agents in different neighborhoods, ask them to arrange home tours for you. Keep in mind that location is the key, a beautiful 2000 sq yd house is of no use if it is in a declining part of the city. You should also be careful while choosing a neighborhood. You can also look for property over the internet.
Once you decide which house you want to buy, the negotiations can start. This is the heart of a relocation process. The key in negotiations is patience, you cannot seal a deal done until both parties come to an agreement. Don’t put forward an offer which will offend the seller and force a breakdown in negotiations. During the negotiations, you will get an appraisal, home inspection and homeowners insurance. Check the paperwork very carefully because once you agree to it there is no going back.

If all goes according to plan, you will soon have the keys in your hand.

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