Moving: On The ‘Tip’ Of Your Hands

by Arik Snow on August 15, 2011

Most people are afraid of relocation to a new place because they think it is very difficult and risky to make such a jump. I don’t agree with their reasoning because anything can be achieved with a proper plan and suitable actions. So if you are planning a relocation of your business setup or got transferred, you will be better off using my moving tips. I have read several blogs, in which people complain about problems they faced or mistakes they made during their relocation and I have made my own guide to avoid such problems and save as many resources as possible.

Compare long distance moving companies, get up to 6 different moving estimates from different movers in your area and save up to 30% of your moving coasts!

Moving Tip # 1: Decide whether you have enough money to hire a relocation company or whether you would be better off doing it yourself. If you decide to do it yourself then make sure that the truck you hired is in proper psychical and mechanical condition. Then you have to check the fuel costs and the insurance of moving. Check your existing home contents policy to determine the extent of your insurance cover and be aware that the removals may exclude liability for breakages where you do the packing or unpacking. Even though you might save a few buck this might turn out to be very risky.

Moving Tip # 2: Take your time selecting the moving company. Research them in and out for reliability and cost thoroughly. Ask your friends who made a move recently for recommendations. Check for the moving company’s records, their insurance and their reviews from customers. All these would help you choose better.

Moving Tip # 3: Most relocation companies have deployed agents in various areas, they are not the company you think you called, they are small movers who work for the company. So it is important that you check them out too.

Moving Tip # 4: Make a list of the things you want moved before you contact the company. It is very important that you don’t change your inventory list once the quotation has been given.

Moving Tip # 5: Now that you have shortlisted a few companies you should call them over and get a quotation from them. Keep in mind it is necessary for them to come to your place and check everything out before giving a quotation. This is a security for you, once you get a written quotation you cannot be asked for extra money, unless you change the inventory. Don’t order by phone, it gives them an opportunity to change their prices. Place the order with the company a few days before you want to make the move so that there is less chance of a price hike.

Moving Tip # 6: Usually the movers do the packing for you so if you are allowing them to pack for you, ask them how they pack fragile items, how they label boxes, whether they provide a guarantee against breakages, etc. If you are packing yourself then you can ask for the packing material from them.

Moving Tip # 7: Movers provide two types of insurance coverage. One of them is a minimum amount coverage which is for free. The second one is full replacement coverage which is called actual cash value type. You should check for the cost of the insurance coverage beforehand too.

Compare long distance moving companies, get up to 6 different moving estimates from different movers in your area and save up to 30% of your moving coasts!

Moving Tip # 8: This last tip is useful after you have reached your destination. Be very careful when checking the inventory and signing the checklist on delivery. If you have anything missing or damaged you should contact the relocation company as soon as possible. For this you should have all your documents ready. This includes the checklist of the inventory before moving and the checklist of inventory after you reach your destination.

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