Should You Rent Or Buy A Home

by Arik Snow on September 11, 2011

There are many people who are confused on whether they should go in for renting a home or buying one. This video guides you on how to make the correct decision without hassles. There are three major financial considerations that you need to take in order to make the right decision. The first point you need to take into consideration is whether you are staying in the place for 2 years or more. If you are likely to be transferred it is better to rent the home.

The second point that this video guide deals with is that when you rent the home you are able to invest later as the money is not stuck in equity. In the case of buying you are able to get tax benefits on the mortgage amount that you will be paying. Comparing the rent and the mortgage amount the later will help you to save more. The third point is the long term situation that determines the assets that you want. In such a case it makes more sense to buy rather than rent a home.

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