The Right Way on How to Pack Wine Bottles When Moving

by Arik Snow on June 15, 2011

When packing wine in boxes, while you are moving, you should place two pieces of paper as padding inside the box before you lay the wine bottles. Since wine bottles are different in height they must be placed flat inside the box. Each bottle needs to be wrapped individually in a sheet of paper. In between each row you should insert some more paper so that it renders additional padding to the box and also prevents the bottles from banging into each other.

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You should leave some space like an inch or two after packing so that there is room for more paper. Place the paper on the top of the rows of bottles so that it gives them additional padding and reinforces the safety of the wine bottles. After you close the box you should close the box with two layers of tape and remember to label the box with a marker about its contents.

Here is a short video that will show you how its done:

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