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Benefits Of Long Distance Closed Carrier Auto Transport Services

If you are relocating to another city or country, it may not be possible for you to drive your vehicles to the new location. Driving long distances requires time and efforts and when you are in a hurry to relocate, you cannot afford to do so. In such circumstances, it is best to rely on a long distance closed carrier auto transport service.

A long distance closed carrier auto transport service loads the vehicle in an enclosed carrier, which is provided with all the supplies required for the safe transportation of vehicles. The vehicle is placed and tied in such a way that it does not move or slip down during transportation. This ensures that the vehicle gets shipped to its destination without any damage.

Key Benefits Of Long Distance Closed Carrier Auto Transport Service


Since the carrier is enclosed, it protects your vehicles from the elements of nature like sunlight, rain, snow, and wind. Your car, motorbikes or recreational vehicles do not get dirty or damaged during transit. This type of auto transport service is quite useful for shipping of expensive cars like sports and vintage cars that have a high maintenance cost. Also, in closed carrier, there are special arrangements to prevent moving and shipping of vehicles, which is otherwise the major cause of damage. If you are looking for the safest way to ship your cars, long distance closed carrier auto transport service is the best.


This is the fastest way to shift vehicles over long distances. Closed carriers take anything from one day to a week for shifting of vehicles. However, this is not the case with open carriers that are large and may take even two-three weeks for shifting a vehicle. If you want your vehicles to reach within three days or you want a guaranteed delivery date, look for expedited auto shipping companies.

Useful For Shipping Multiple Vehicles

If you own multiple vehicles, it may not possible for you to drive each one of them to the new destination. In such a case, a long distance closed carrier auto transport service comes quite handy as it can transport all your vehicles in one go.


Most people prefer to drive their vehicles by themselves because they think it is the cheapest way to shift the vehicles. However, it may not be so in every case. You should consider the fuel cost, maintenance cost, and cost of lodging and dining while calculating the total cost of driving the vehicle to the new destination. If you consider the convenience and safety, you will find that hiring a long distance closed carrier transport service is cost effective.

A long distance closed carrier auto transport service is costlier than an open carrier service. To hire such a service at the best rates, you should invite quotes from the moving companies to compare their rates. Car mover quotes will also help you to know about discounts and schemes offered by different companies. To get moving quotes, please fill up the request form now.

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